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You see challenges with different cultures; I see people communicating efficiently.


I have a deep understanding of SMBs in the high-tech and traditional industries. Since childhood, I have felt comfortable connecting to people from different cultures without bias. It’s natural for me to speak to any audience with a diverse educational, economic, or national background and find connections between us.


My academic background in Industrial Engineering and Management and a master's degree in Business Administration have sharpened my ability to establish trust and create cross-cultural collaboration. As a result, today, I can synthesize all working parts of a business, allocate resources and responsibilities to the right key players and ensure everyone knows what they need to get the work done. 


Obstacles? I see opportunities. I’ve worked with dozens of businesses in traditional and high-tech industries and learned the importance of agility, lean practices, and a burning passion for growing companies.


I’m responsible, diligent, and passionate about tech companies developing disruptive technology that wants to penetrate the US market and gain first customers and design partners. I’m not deterred by the seemingly impossible. On the contrary, it makes it much more exciting.


I have the eye to see a vision, the hand to build a future and the heart for people.

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Business Development Architect for high-tech companies

  • Market research to identify potential customers, business partners, and other stakeholders

  • Identifying trends, customer needs and building a market entry/growth strategy in accordance with objectives.

  • Building long-term relationships with new customers and managing existing customer relationships

  • Leading, developing, and creating business opportunities that include writing proposals and presentations for new business materials

  • Frontal presentation of a product/service to potential customers, managers, business partners, and in particular standing in front of an audience at business events

  • Development and implementation of a sales and business development strategy that includes sales processes and best practices

  • Assisting in the coordination and implementation of marketing strategies and delegating authority in achieving strategic goals

  • Writing Business content, opinion pieces, and content creation

  • Conduct business negotiations with customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees through business value analysis

  • Building business relationships with key people, business partners, and strategic stakeholders

  • Gathering useful information from customer data, analyzing it, and generating insights

  • Team leadership, performance monitoring, and reporting of metrics

  • Sharing professional knowledge through education, networking, events, and presentations


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